Vinyl Comeback

Vinyl has made a comeback in recent years, with every hipster in the neighborhood thumbing through them at last weekend’s yard sale. They can’t wait to get their fingers on that perfectly maintained, mint condition sleeve of Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes” to show all their friends, and raise their status to the ultimate level of “I don’t like to seem like I care, but I actually really do!”. We bet their mouths would be watering if they happened to find this jewel at a yard sale (although we doubt it would ever end up there!).

This mid-1960s Mercedes-Benz houses a 45 rpm phonograph, and was reportedly built by Mutoid Waste Company, a British performance art group from the 1980s (insert tear falling down the face of said-hipster as they writhe with joy when they hear this was built by some people from Britain!).

What’s the best part of this odd-but-oh-so-cool piece of music machinery? It has been said that as music flowed from the phonograph, the car’s headlights would flash and the engine compartment would light up in various colors! I can just see it now; a group of hipsters, clutching mugs of herbal tea, swaying slowly in pants just a tad too tight as music plays, the lights creating the perfect mood for their own personal rave.



Mercedes-Benz of College Station 30.5916638, -96.2905585.